Friday, April 13, 2012

No Bieber Fever Here

Sorry for not putting up a post last week. Tonight, I'll do 2 posts to make up for it.

Post Numero uno: Justin Bieber. And I know, every hipster/sane person reading this is going "Ew, dude, so totally gross." Yeah, I agree with you, so just know that. Okaaay...The Biebs put out a new song recently, and despite all my (100) problems with him, I actually like it. It's disgusting, I get it. So, in order to make myself remember why I hate him, here are some of the many reasons why I dislike him.

Now 10 Reasons I Hate Justin Bieber:
10. He's overproduced
9. He sounds like a lady
8. He thinks he's the shizz
7. He spends more time on his choreography/ publicity stunts than he does writing songs
6. He doesn't actually write most of his material.
5. Singing live is not his specialty...which is unfortunate considering he's a singer
4. His songs are full of fluff...the lyrics are meaningless
3. His songs are simplistic--they're almost all in the same key
2. He requires auto-tune and reverb to make him sound...listenable. Granted, not a word, but you get my drift.
1. He reminds me of every other male pop icon that's ever existed...unoriginal

Good. Now I feel better.
Until next week,

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