Sunday, April 1, 2012

Grouplove/Young the Giant Concert Review

So, last night I went to the Grouplove/YTG concert. This concert was at the same venue as the Panic! at The Disco fiasco, but it's not jinxed. Rather, YTG was the polar opposite of PATD. Sameer, the lead singer, did not talk in between songs, he just went from song to song. We were out of the venue in an hour or so from when Young The Giant began performing. Loved it! :)

Grouplove, on the other hand, sucked. They were just awful. Awful, awful, awful. The best part of their set: it ended. Eventually. We came 20 minutes late, mostly because I hate them, and for a good reason. Why exactly? Their harmonies were big fails. Epic fails. They tried so hard, but failed with the same intensity. They were out of key. Ugh, big pet peeve of mine. They danced around like they were drunk idiots--which they probably were--whipping their respective heads like they were taking part in a re-shoot for Willow Smith's "Whip my Hair" music video. I think, if they would stop moving and dancing, they might (emphasis on might) be good. They're showboats, frankly, and until they loose that attitude, I won't see them again.

The best part of the night: YTG! They were amazing! I love bands that sound the exact same from the studio to the CD to the stage. Francois (the drummer) provided feverish, memorable beats that carried the songs. The 2 guitarists and the bassist complemented each other. While Sameer's wide vocal range was awe-inspiring. Their songs are infectious. The entire crowd was moving (or taping their feet, like me!) the whole duration of the set. You could tell the crowd was having as much fun as the band. They began the concert with "I Got," into "Guns Out" (Gotta love Sameer's falsetto), then "Shake my Hand" (which was a song they wrote back when they were The Jakes. Super addictive song. Check it out on YouTube), "What You Get" (a new track. It's supposed to be on the new album which will be coming out next Spring. Such a long wait! Good song, though. If the album sounds like that, I'll buy it the day it comes out), " 12 Fingers" (Sameer explained, during his one talk break, that this song is about having 12 Fingers. "I Wanna" (Another track. Beautiful! The title reminds me of the All American Rejects song of the same name, though YTG's is better) "Strings" (one of my favorite tracks by them; I think it was one of the first I bought. Catchy, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Download it!) "Camera" (another new track. I liked this one a lot; it gave me goosebumps, which essentially means I love it) "St. Walker" (haha Saint Walker. Oh, my stupidity! Anyways, fantastic way to end the main part of the concert. Best song. I love the minor key, the building guitar part, and the rhythms supplied by Francois). After that, the encore! First, "Apartment" (so many memories with this one. I remember dancing around my kitchen, singing into a wooden spoon, butchering the lyrics, but having fun. haha I'm a dorky teenager, remember? I love the accidentals), "Islands" (eh, not my fav song by them; it's too slow for their typically infectious bass lines), and finally "My Body" (For one, I love this song! It's fast, it's catchy, it's infectious. Very YTG. Now, I love it even more because of the crowd. Everyone, except for me, cuz I'm a buzz-killer, was jumping up and down, blocking my view of the adorable Sameer, which was funny. Energetic crowd. I loved it."
The crowd was passionate, but not super immature; I appreciated that. :) I am short, though, and found myself having to sway a bit to get a decent view of the band and I always wish I'm about 3 inches taller than i am. Oh, well, it was still a fantastic concert, and I can't believe I got to see them!

 If they're coming to your city, go see them! They are fantastic. They really do know how to put on a live show. Oh, it's safe to take a parent with you. ;)
For the next two weeks I'll have a normal reviews, but on April 19th, I'm going to see Eric Hutchinson with Graffiti6. I'm hoping to get pictures this time. *cross fingers* It should be good, I hope. No more PATD-like experiences. :)

Unil next week,

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