Saturday, June 1, 2013

Another Edition of "What is Bella Listening To"

I'm actually posting on my promised day. Can you believe it? Me either.
So, this week, I have compiled five songs that I have discovered and are so good, I simply have to share them with you. :) It's been a while since I've done something like this, so this should be fun. :)

5. "Wake Up" by AWOLNATION- Yes, this is the man behind "Sail." This track gives "Sail" a run for its money. It's certainly less emotional, but holy crap, not by much. From what I can deduce, the song is about him encouraging people to wake up from a zombie-like sleep and live life, leaving behind the negativity and "haters." Coupled with the steady percussion, simple yet effective chord progression in the chorus, and the background vocals, this song is at the top of my running playlist. Worth checking out.

4. "Colour Fade" by Funeral Suits- This track is technically 2 years old, but I am so obsessed with it, I simply had to include it. This is one of my favorite finds on this list. I love the twinkling guitars, the layered vocals (especially with the falsetto around the 2:00 mark), and the line "I'm a machine/That sends the colour to your head." If you're into complex melodies and slight distortion, this may be the track for you. :)

3. "Carry Me Home" by The Dig- This track leads in with minimalistic piano, gradually adding in the percussion, the guitars, and finally the vocals. The vocalist sounds like a mix of Nate Reuss and the lead singer of the Neighbourhood, resulting in a finely-tuned croon with a rock edge. The lyrics from what I can tell, are not meant to be taken literally; people are not really going to carry him home. Instead, I think he is talking to his girlfriend/significant other who has died and he is trying to get killed one way or another so they can be together once more. Or, they could just be emotionally separated, but based on the line about a river carrying him home, I think he means he wants to die to be reunited with his special person.

2. "Head is Not My Home" by MS MR- Fresh off  of MS MR's debut album, this song is a true standout. The shocking changes in tempo and the move from piano to fortissimo adds to the emotional complexity of this track. The song is about how they feel that their head is not really their own, overrun with thoughts and other people. The chorus, boasting lusty lyrics such as  "my mouth/your lips/your hands/my hips," suggests that their frustrations can be solved by carnal measures. The bold statement is memorable and full of pitiable complexity. Fantastic.

1. "Global Concepts" by Robert Delong- I found this song a few months ago, wrote the name down, lost the paper, and then heard the song on AltNation the other day. Thank goodness. :) This song takes the number one spot, as Robert expertly combines alt-rock with electronica beats, resulting in this strangely addictive song. Instrumentally, Robert is a genius, from what I've read online. He uses computer programs, drum kits, and even video game controllers to make his sounds and he does it all by himself. He truly is a one man band and his music is fantastic, seriously. Instrumental elements aside, his lyrics are simply killer. This song is about how when he dies, he'll be able to assess his life and while he knows that he's made mistakes, he hopes that above all he made people dance with his music, which is the one thing that unites us all, his "global concept." Gorgeous.

Alright, that's it for this week. Be sure to check out those track and come back next week for another review.

Until then,

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