Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Neighbourhood I Wouldn't Mind Residing In


I am officially the most unreliable blogger ever, as I have done a terrible job posting, but I've had a ton of AP tests and finals--which will all be over a week from this coming Tuesday--so I have an excuse, but not really. Also, I kind of became totally obsessed with Sherlock and, after I finished that, I started Arrested Development and Hannibal to deal with the hole created by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, so I've been kind of Netflix binging. It's a less acceptable excuse, of course, but I felt the need to be honest. :)
Tonight, I'm going to try to make it up with a post about a band I discovered a few months back: The Neighbourhood, an American band that uses the British spelling of the word. Most likely, you've heard their song "Sweater Weather," which is a great track, but some of their other stuff is simply remarkable. therefore, tonight, I present my top 5 favorite tracks.

5. Let it Go- I love the unusual rhythms in this track. It feels like an alt/indie song with a hip-hop-esque flair that showcases the versatility of the band. It has an angsty undertone, almost like the refrain of "let it go" is supposed to be construed as sarcasm. The background noises near the end of the track also support the idea, in the sense that it is like blocking out "what the people said" as he "wasn't listening at all."

4. Baby Came Home- This song is about a messed up relationship, but the lyrics offer a little more depth than the typical "we're messed up." Examples include: "She had all my trust/but I guess that was never enough...I think if you ever found her/that even you'd know she was mine." As well, the instrumentation is moody, the guitar riffs are sick, and the lead singer--who honestly looks like he would be in more of a punk band this is incredible outfit and I love it when people defy expectations--oh, my goodness, his voice croons. He sounds like the male version of Lana Del Rey and that is one of the highest compliments I can give. I also recommend checking out this stripped down version of the track.

3. A Little Death- Supposedly this song's title gets its name from the French phrase "la petite mort," an idiom for an orgasm, which makes sense considering the line "touch me/ make me feel like I am human." Apparently, sex is the only thing that makes him feel alive, though the fact that those lines are repeated so frequently maybe his way of saying that while it makes him feel alive, it's only for a little bit, so he has to do it over and over again just to feel alive. It's kind of a beautiful message, if you dig through it, for this sex-obsessed generation. Lyrics aside, the swelling instrumentation and gorgeous background vocals make this a full-bodied track. Good stuff.

2. Female Robbery- This song is about how he is so dissatisfied in life, he wishes a Tv-like kidnapping would occur, and he would be taken his from his boring life. Very relatable. Instrumentally, it's one of the best songs of the album.  I admire their bravery for manipulating their guitars so they sound like synthesizers. It adds kind of a cool edge to the song. The faded vocals add a feeling of desperation to the sound. Additionally, the drummer's confusing drumming gives the song a disoriented feeling, which fits perfectly with the lyrics. Gorgeous.

1. Afraid- I've read so many bad reviews about this song particularly for the line "You're too mean/ I don't like you/f*** you anyway," but I have to disagree with the mainstream music media, as I always do. If you look at a line from one perspective, but never any others, everything can look incredibly shallow. But, if you pull back, examine it from a different one, it may take on a different context. It's not just someone who's in a bad relationship. I see it more like it's a mutual sense of "badness." His friends hate him, and he hates them, but he's too afraid to move on because someone might take his place, and as much as despises them, he doesn't want someone else to take his role in his friends' lives. It's relatable on so many levels and maybe it hits a nerve for some of the reviewers. No matter. Besides the lyrics, the steady percussion right before the chorus, big drop at the chorus, and the murky background vocals come together to form one of the most cohesive, beautiful songs on the album.

You should definitely check this band out. Seriously, you're missing out if you're not listening to them. :)

Anyways, thanks for reading.

Until next week,

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