Friday, September 7, 2012

Imagine Dragons "Night Visions" Review


This week, Night visions by one of my new favorite bands Imagine Dragons came out. You’ve probably heard their song “It’sTime” and I’ve highlighted “Radioactive on this blog, but their other stuff—that hasn’t received much attention—is absolutely brilliant. I can honestly say, right next to MuteMath’s “Odd Soul” and Fun’s “Some Nights” this is one of the best albums of 2012. Great stuff. So, this week, I am picking my five favorite songs from Night Visions.

As always, in no particular order:

Demons by Imagine Dragons- Absolutely stunning. Dan’s vocals remind me of a band I used to frequently listen to, Seabird, with a little more emotion. This is, without a doubt, the best song on the album. It features very dominant lyrics, a memorable chorus, and strong vocals. Demons is everything I love about this band. I can visualize exactly what they’re trying to say, almost in music video form. Every time that I listen to this song, I get goosebumps. That, I believe, is what music was intended to be.

Tiptoe by Imagine Dragons- Each song’s lyrics just keep getting better and better. I read a review on Amazon the other day that said exactly what I was thinking. None of the songs on here are “filler tracks,” in that, each one has a weighty message and beautiful symbolism woven throughout And this song is a true example of that statement. I love the very 1980’s synth lines, the melodic chorus, and the bass. “Nobody else can take me higher,” than these lyrics. J

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons- I’ve talked about this song before, but I felt it was a sin ( but not a tragedy…PATD reference) to talk about it again. From the haunting vocals, in-your-face beat, post-Apoctalyptic lyrics, to Dan’s strong vocals, practically hollering the chorus, this song is the reason I started listening to the rest of Imagine Dragon’s other music—thank goodness for the Electric Guest radio station on Pandora! I can honestly say I feel it in my bones, too. J

Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons- The title sounds like a typical Friday night for emo kids, but the lyrics are incredibly deep. They use power visual imagery to convey their emotions as well as letting the music express the pain of, I assume, a broken heart, with the background vocals, heavy beats, and an integral synthesizer line. A very moving song.

Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons- I love the soft, swelling instrumentation at the beginning, Dan’s initially calm vocals, and the beautiful lyrics. This track cements the band as an important facet of alternative rock. Breathtaking.

 So, that’s it for this week. Make sure to support this great group of guys by buying their music. They truly deserve it.

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