Friday, September 14, 2012

Beacon Is a Solid Follow-Up Album


This week Two door Cinema Club dropped their new album “Beacon.” Much like last week’s post, I am picking my top three songs. I realize I did five last week, but I’m doing three this week only because these three really stand out. Speaking of last week’s post, I was really excited to see that Imagine Dragons’ album is in the Top Ten on iTunes. I am so excited for that band. They are very talented and it’s great to see them get the recognition they deserve.

                Anyways, here are the top three songs from Beacon:


3. Sleep Alone. I realize I highlighted this song a couple of weeks ago, but it truly is one of the standout songs on the album. The distinct vocals, complex, poetic lyrics, and that guitar line I can’t erase from my mind all contribute to the track’s reappearance on my blog. J “He needs no army/ where he’s going/ cuz he knows” is such a great line. Their songwriting skills have truly improved—not that their debut album’s lyrics were poor—and it is always exciting to see an artist/artists mature.

2.  Sun- When a band opens a track with “Ocean blue/what have I done to you/cut so deep/yet growing through and through,” I think it’s fairly easy to see why it earns a special place on my playlist. J My other favorite line is 'Over and over many setting suns/ I have run, I have waited for the rain to come/ When through that mist I see the shape of you/ And I know, and I know that I'm in love with you.” Factor in that steady, bumping drum line and that bluesy riff, and I’m in love. Solid effort.

1. Pyramid- It was a difficult decision to decide who should get the top spot, between “Sun” and “Pyramid,” but the slightly darker lyrics, that guitar riff in the background, the percussion that refuses to settle into mediocrity, and the somber verses switching into the manic chorus. This song brings back beautiful memories of MuteMath. That is as high of a compliment as I can offer, truly.

So,  I am seeing MuteMath on Tuesday, September 18th, so that means I will be giving a nice little summary of the concert, like I’ve done in the past. The week after that, I will do a post (like I have done for the last two weeks) about my favorite tracks from Minus the Bear’s new album.

                Thank you for reading!


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