Friday, July 6, 2012

My Playlist

Well, I haven't done a "what's on my playlist" sort of post for quite some time, so here we go. :)

In no particular order...

5. Clap Your Hands by Sia
You may know her because, frankly, she's kind of everywhere right now. She collabed on seperate tracks with David Guetta and Flo Rida. I say, good for her. I've been listening to her for about three years now and totally respect her decisions. So, while everyone's tweeting now "OMG, Sia's such a good singer. I love her music!" or "I am titanium. :) #YOLO," I can sit back and laugh, because they have no idea that she's been around for years and that quoting lyics makes them look kind of dumb. Sure, I'm guilty of quoting some here and there, but never on Facebook/Twitter or getting a tramp stamp with them. That said, I do write down lines I like from songs, but only well-written songs. I should do a post about that sometime...I love this song because it's catchy, the lyrics are fun, Sia has a powerful, unique voice, quite unlike any other female vocalist I've heard before, and it sounds incredible turned up super loud. :)

4. Credible Threats by One AM Radio
I found this band a few years back when Amazon had a free sampler from their label, Dangerbird. This song is weird, which makes it very cool. Allow me to explain before you roll your eyes, dude. The musical aspect is amazing, with the steady, manic drum part, the beautiful synthesizers, and the perfect harmonies; the song reminds me of something from the 1960's. But, the lyrics are all about ways the guys could die. It's similar to Pumped Up Kicks, though Credible Threats came first; it's an upbeat song with very mellow, depressing, out of the ordinary lyrics. The best part: it works.

3. Pacchua Sunrise by Minus the Bear
I also discovered this band through the free Dangerbird sampler on Amazon and I feel deeply in love with their song "My Time." I've listened to quite a bit of the their stuff and while I hate their super early stuff, their newer stuff (in the last 5 years or so) is incredible. It's worth mentioning I am a sucker for acoustic stuff, and this song is no exception. With the lead singer's emotional vocals that straddle the line between raw and polished, the simple, strong beat, and the minimal instrumentation. I like how they just let the lyrics do the heavy-lifting and don't try to bury them with heavy guitar lines or an attenion-seeking bass line. Approved!

2. You Always Make Me Smile by Kyle Andrews
This song has been making me dance like a little girl--a talentless little girl, but that's okay--since January or so, but I fished it out a month or so ago because it's a perfect summer jam. It's bouncy, fun, and the romantic lyrics make all us single people want to find a person just so we can play this song for them. Just me? Oh, well. I like the guitar in the background too. :)

1. Do Or Die by 3OH!3
These guys have a new album coming out this fall and you can bet I'll review it. If you're listening to this song while or after reading my review, you're probably wondering why I have this song in my playlist. Honestly, it's just so different from everything I ever listen to. It's catchy--which doesn't necessarily mean it's good music; I understand that--and has some dubstep in it, which is cool with me, though I'm certainly not a dubstep fan. I like that they did something Fun. did; they used autotune as an instrument, not because it's ncessary. It gives it a very futurtistic feeling, very Star Trek, spaceage. What I also like is that they experiment with different music styles. I'm all for experimentation as long as it's not forced. But, I like this song, so, that's all. :)

Next week, I'll review some music videos hopefully. :)

Until next week,

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