Friday, July 13, 2012

5 Music Videos That You Should See


This week I am reviewing my top five favorite music videos, at least for right now. J I kid you not, my opinion changes like every day. It’s ridiculous.

So, here we go.

In no particular order…

1.       This head I Hold by Electric Guest- Alright, it’s not exactly a secret that I love this band—I’ve only had two whole posts about them—and I think this music video is a good explanation for “why.”

(for the record, this post refers to their music video with a  running time of 4:28, not the 2:20-something one)

What makes it amazing: the plot. Okay, so Asa, the brunette guy, in case you didn’t know, shows up and it’s like a big audition for something. He’s all like super nervous and stalling and there’s all these rude people who keep pushing him out of the way. Chill people. Seriously. So, he gets out there, panics, and runs. My God, does he ever run.Then, he wanders around the desert, runs into a lady, makes a baby, grows a Little House on the Praire beard (he doesn’t look ½ bad with it either) and eventually runs back to the auditorium to find that it’s time for him to audition and guess what? He can do it! And all the judges applaud. Hooray! As you can see, that is one heck of a plot. Kudos to whoever wrote that. The special effects/or lack thereof: spinning the chair, a magically switching suit, falling forward with a rope, the lazy Susan, plastic arms, the trampoline and others.

2.       Prytania by MuteMath

This music video just came out several weeks ago and instantly caught my attention. How could it not with that color scheme? This video is very in your face and not to mention, unforgettable. If any other band tried to do this, I’d probably laugh at them and be like, “Ha, it worked in the 70’s, but now it looks dumb.” Not MuteMath. Those guys can take what seems like an overdone throwback and change it into something cool and current. With the doubling effects, bright lights, making all of the members look like black shadows, and putting as much emphasis on Darren King as possible, MuteMath turns a potential epic fail into an epic win. As well, the fact that these guys made the music video themselves just makes it even better. J

3.       Heart’s A Mess by Gotye

Okay, so Gotye is no one knew, but I’d venture to say his old music is just as good, if not better than his new music. His music videos, for sure, were much more artistic, very organic, and downhome. Not to say I didn’t like “Somebody That I Used to Know.” That was a good music video; they must have spent a fortune on body paint. Wonder if they still have the receipt? Anyways, this song, “Heart’s a Mess” is from Gotye’s second Album Like Drawing Blood. That album was/is a beautiful masterpiece. But, back to the music video. It is essentially animation with Gotye’s face pasted on one of the “people,” (is that what they are??). It sounds trippy, but it’s not. The Animator, Brendan Cook, did a phenomenal job, creating, what I assume to be a futuristic world with dancing robotic people that matches the song’s melancholy tone:  “Your hearts a mess/ You won’t admit to it/ It makes no sense/but I’m desperate to connect/ but you can’t live like this.”

4.       Ready To Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) By Panic! At the Disco

Yes, my least favorite live musicians know how to make cool music videos. It’s funny, Brendon doesn’t know how to control himself when he’s in front of an audience and I leave feeling emotionally used—I’m a teenage girl…I reserve the right to be overly dramatic—but when that side comes out in a music video, through his acting, it works really well.

Thing I hate: nothing.

Thing I love: Brendon’s military jacket (hey, I like fashion too), how hard he is strumming that guitar (he’s trying to kill it. I think. It works. My punctuation sucks.), that “oh” line, that glowing musical note that looks like it came from a Disney movie (it’s like National Treasure, but for legit muscians), how Spencer slowly gets up from his drums (“Oh, boy, another door. Are we ever going to finish practicing?”) rapid costume changes, Brendon’s glasses (so hipster, but so cool), “hey, look, there’s a microphone! Time for band practice,” the backup dancers (um, when they all have time to rehearse if he just found that door), Spencer playing drums in an argyle sweater  (only he could probably pull that off), Alright, yes! Mary Poppins throwback time! (hey, it works), the fact that Brendon looks like the could have played an amazing Bert (the chimney sweeper guy who takes Mary and the kids she was nannying to a world of carousel racing and penguin waiters. Yep, that guy), pretty cool choreography and I don’t usually approve of coreography, the string section,  Brendon’s determined look as he walks towards the cannon (“I’m gonna do this. Yeah. Time to put on my goggles and swim cap.”), Okay, I hate to keep making references to National Treasure, but Spencer looks like Nick Cage holding the torch like that, how it swtiches to animation, the clock that says 9:00 and I’d say it’s fair enough to assume it’s in the afternoon, dancing in the street with umbrellas, yep perfectly normal, I wonder if Spencer just wanted to sit there and drum instead of dance, Well, aren’t we all dapper with our little hat tip, and another music note; is there going to be a sequel?

5.       50 Ways To Say Goodbye by Train

Yes, I understand they are not alternative, by any means, but I saw this music video the other day, and it has forever been cemented in my memory. And here are the ten reasons why:

12. Imagine if Pat Monahan—lead singer—was at a grocery store. I don’t think he would just be left alone to examine his tomatoes. I think every crazy thirty-something woman would be throwing themselves at him. Maybe this is his dream grocery trip.

11. David Hasselhoff is in it. I mean, I know he used to be super big, but now…is this what it’s come to? Believe me, it’s different, but I like it. His appearance in the video kind of gives it a sense of “oh, this is going to go viral in a day or two.” Celebrity appearances have that effect. Not to mention, singing into corn while laughing at the utter stupidity of it should do it as well.

10. The mariachi band. Want to bump up your cool status? Get a mariachi band.

9. That butcher. What an awesome guy. They always look so stiff and unfriendly at my grocery store. Time to switch stores…I mean, it’d be cool if they’d let me high-five my meat before buying it.

8. The storytelling lyrics acted out. Never looking at a tanning machine the same way again. J

7. Every time he tells someone what “happened,” they always look so concerned. That’s cool.

6. That guy with the sign, coupled with Pat’s facial expressions (The “Rack City B*tch” one was hilarious.)

5. Why doesn’t The Grim Reaper shop in Iowa?

4. That old guy. Enough said.

3. The crazy ways his girlfriend “died.” Creative to the max.

2. Pat’s dance moves

1. The kids playing soccer with her “head.”

0. Awkward ending…can’t beat ‘em.


That concludes this week’s post. Hope you enjoyed it! If you did (or didn’t, it’s okay, I can take it) comment, e-mail me at, or tweet me at

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