Friday, June 29, 2012

Music on YouTube


Okay, like I promised, this week I am writing about my favorite music YouTube videos.

In no particular order...
1. Cinnamon Challenge While Singing by Supricky06
Watch the video: here
Why I love this video: well, number one, Chris is an incredible singer--check out his acapella covers sometime; they are beautiful--even with the cinnamon flying from his poor mouth. Number two: the fact that he's totally dreading it--you can see it in his face. Number three: How he stops singing and starts prancing in place; I felt for the guy, really. Number four: "That was miserable!" Number five: he keeps singing! What a guy! I would have just been like, "Forget this!" But, he keeps at it! Nice job, Chris. I was alternating between cracking up and being amazed by his voice. :)
2. Recorder and Guitar song by Rhettandlink
Watch the video: here
I love originality. And, honestly, do you get any more original than a recorder? Sure, first graders can play them, but just having the ability to play Twinkle Twinkle does not make you a musician, any more than microwaving popcorn makes you a gourmet chef. Link--the guy on the recorder--is pretty full of awesome-sauce, IMO. He has beautiful tone, despite the fact that he and Rhett-the guy on guitar--are obviously exhausted. Very cool.

3. Telephone...on GLOCKENSPIEL? by JakeBruene
Watch the video: here
Another thing I love is creativity. Yes, I see that this video has had 1.7 million views, but that does not take away from the level of creativity that went into it. :) This is an amazing cover. I love how he mixed all the different lines, making it complex and quite frankly, deeper than the original. It must have taken quite a bit of time to come up with each indiviual part and I both recognize and applaud that. :)
4. Justin Bieber- Boyfriend (Violin Cover)by PeterLeeJohnson
Watch the video: here
This is just...crazy good. I had to think for a set of adjectives to describe it. Peter Lee Johnson, the violinst, is very skilled and, again, creative, my word of the night. I love how he really only covers the chorus and decides to improv on the verses. The seperate parts blend together nicely. Layering can really improve I song, I think. Too bad Bieber doesn't get that. So, I hate Bieber, but love this cover. Music is complex, no?

5. Born To Die- Lana Del Rey (cover) by drewby1xo
Watch the video: here
I am a big Lana Del Rey fan, even though I know it's not exactly a popular opinion to have. Oh, well. Anyways, this cover just surpases anything Lana could ever do, as much as I hate to admit that. Drew's voice is mesmirizing, with the minimal guitar part, the harmony, and her versatile vocals. She tranisitions nicely and keeps a steady tempo, two things most YouTube cover artist have a hard time with. If I could, I would give Drew a record contract. I think she has tons of talent, with plenty to offer. If you listen to the song, remember to listen with headphones; you can really hear the harmony meld with the lead vocals better. Just a tip. :)
That wraps up this week's post! Next week, I promise I will get back to reviewing music and stuff like that.
Until next week,

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