Friday, February 3, 2012

I Think I'm In Love With Patrick Stump

Here I am again, actually sticking to my goal of one blog post a week and I'll be writing about Patrick Stump. A couple of months ago, I was able to see him live in concert. He was the warm-up act for Panic! At The Disco (that review is coming next week). Before the concert, quite honestly, I knew who he was but I didn't really listen to his new music, citing the fact that I typically hate the music that comes out of solo ventures. Well, after hearing him perform live--the man has real talent!!--my mind was completely changed. His voice, ranging from a beautiful falsetto to a deep, almost growing sound, amazed me. The backing band complemented his singing style, varying from Fall Out Boy, which almost seemed to over-power his voice, not that I'm a FOB hater. :) At the end of his set, he performed a cool cover of Phil Collin's song "In the Air Tonight." I'm an 80's music buff, as you'll soon find out, and that song is one of my favs. What made it cooler, IMO, is that he sang it while playing the drums. Double cool. :) He deserves a place in my own EPIC Hall of Fame, where over-paid, over-hyped, stupid bands (a la Aerosmith, etc.) don't belong. Altnerative music is too good for some, I think. ;)
Anyways, after the concert, I checked him out online, and saw that he put out both an EP and a full CD. Truant Wave, the EP was sweet, and the CD was like, 5 times better, so that's pretty good. :) Soul Punk, the CD, oooooohhh, it's on my running play list, fo so. :) He has a super cool YouTube page where I found out that he wrote, produced, and played all of the instruments on the album. Can you say talented? AAH. :)
You may have already heard him, and just not realized it. His first single "This City" was a collab with Lupe Fiasco. Not so hot on rap breaks. Sorry, rap fans, I just usually think it ruins the song. Anyways, my opinion aside, the song is fantastic and the music video is worth checking out. very 80's. :)

Fav tracks
"Explode." "When I Made You Cry." "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)"
Check him out and support this dude! He's going places. I actually heard him on the radio a month or so ago; suffice to say, I screamed a little and cranked up the volume. SOoooooooo...that should convince you know. :D
Here is the music video for Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)

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