Friday, January 27, 2012

MuteMath Concert Review

Okay, after this post, I am all caught up. :)
Today, I will finish up with a little review of MuteMath.
I saw this incredible band in concert back in October, actually two days before the album came out, while they were on their Odd Soul Introduction Tour. And it was AMAZING! I still haven't totally gotten over how crazy it was. The show was completely sold out, so it was packed! The venue that I went to had the stage then the floor, then a set of stairs leading up to another platform that overlooked the floor. I was lucky (and short enough...only 5'3. :D) to be able to squeeze into the front of the pack that was upstairs, so that I had a nearly perfect view of the stage and I stood right next to the soundboard guy. Seriously, if you ever get the chance, stand next to one of those people. It is fascinating how much they control. He was busy the entire time and he danced a lot. :D
But the band itself...AAAHHH! :)  THey led off with "Prytania," my fav song off the record, actually walking through the crowd to get to the stage. How cool!Paul Meany, vocalist, has an incredible voice on the CD and an even better one in person. He has a fantastic vocal range which is something I admire in a lead singer. The drummer, Darren King, is a maniac. (And that's a compliment) He bangs on his drums so hard and with such ferocity that he has to wear gaffer tape just to keep his headphones on. He's just EPIC in human form...I think. :D
The bassist, Roy (I'm not going to type his last name because I know I would screw it up.) and the guitarist, Todd Gummerman, are most certiaintly important as well. THey carried the show with their skills too. :)
between the lights, the energy from the crowd, and their instrumental talent, MuteMath proved once and for all that they are a band who is going to stick around for quite some time. Another thing, Paul was great because, unlike a certain other band...expect that review in 3 weeks, I think, he just went from one song to the next, not stopping to talk in between. I hate it when artist do it.

Every single song from their new album "Odd Soul" is full of their usual manic talent. (Expect a review in 2 weeks, give or take)
Basically, my main point tonight is this: if you are even thinking about seeing them in concert...GO!!!! You will not regret it. They just played their music and didn't worry about what we were thinking, as long as we were having a good time.  So, go see 'em already!
Before I is a link to a video of Mutemath performing at the concert that I was at. :) Click here

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