Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alternative Music Videos...Hey, we gotta figure out new things to talk about besides the boring stuff. :)

If you are anything like me, you like watching music videos because it gives a visual to the song. I am a visual learner, in case you weren't totally positive.

So, here are 3 of my favorite music videos with my worthless commentary:

1) Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye ft. Kimba
Watch the video here
0:00 Cool, nice feet
0.06 hairy legs
0:10 Hmmm, something tells me this guy isn't wearing any clothes
0:12 Nope no clothes
0:18 Can I be stupid for a second and say that he has nice eyes?
0:29 I like how low-budget these alt/indie vids are. It's free to roam around naked and so far he's just staring
0:50 Someone's been using crayons on the wall...naughty
0:56 That someone is probably not four years old...those are complicated geometric shapes
1:00 I love that effect! It's kind of liked stop-motion, all the squares are magically colored in
1:27 We are now reallllllly close to his face
1:38 Uh-oh, someone's painting on him
1:39 Nice belly-button shot, btw
1:51 Looks like Lady Gag-Me's Makeup for a sec :)
2:13 He reminds me of this creepy clown I saw once; when I saw him, I ran the other direction
2:15 I wonder what it would be like if that paint accidentally got in your mouth...yuck?
2:22 He probably had to practice not blinking
2:28 Sweet, now it's a naked lady painted just like him. Is the nudist-paint-canvas meeting?
2:33 She kinda looks like a prettier, less slutty Katy Perry...sounds like her too
2:51 Aww, that's sweet. He's closing his eyes to make it a little less awkward for her. Or he's in pain
3:06 I love the harmony. Reminds me of The Civil Wars
3:31 "Aw, nah! She's leaving me." yeah, it's probably time to go find some clothes
3:37 The pain of the breakup is too painful; all the paint must come off.
3:44 I think she's been ex-communicated from the meeting; you have to be dating hot musicians to join
3:56 Awkward sexual tension...
4:03 Black screen
Summary: Very cool, unique vid highlighting a fantastic song with hautnting harmonies and a guy with nice eyes

Song 2# Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) by Patrick Stump
0:02 I remembering playing on monkey bars like those when I was in elementary school.
0:08 That guy is too good. I usually just hobble around on my pogo stick. "look ma, two hands!"
0:16 Helloooooo, Patrick
0:21 Hm, my helmets were never that cool.
0:26 Not gonna lie, at first i those those were either weapons or bombs
0:34 He's more flexible than I am. Not good. *Time to stretch*
0:54 Awwww, no way! That cannot be possible
1:10 I love how minimalist this video is. He probably went around and just found a bunch of cool people to follow around. An artist who is not so full of themselves that they can highlight other people. Five bucks says Rihanna or Ke$ha never will. Camera hogs...
1:12 Jealous!
1:15 Talent...talent...amazed
1:21 Okay, so that kid's a little better on the monkey bars than I am
1:27 Little Pig Girl, you are killer with that skateboard. The last time I tried it, I fell off after 3 seconds and spent the next 5 minutes laughing
1:33 O...M...G It's extreme Pogo-Sticker Boy. That would make a cool TLC special. (Hey, they did the Virgin Diaries, why not cool Pogo Stick people?)
1:35 I used to think that talent was stupid, but after this video, I'm kind of totally impressed. You go, Stacker Dude!
1:43 It's a ninja!
1:44 Don't steal her food, clothes, money, or even look at her the wrong way. Yikes
1:47 Pencil Man's pretty good at this. That takes serious dexterity
1:50 I like Mr. Yo-Yo. I'm just as good as him; I know one trick. It's okay to be jealous...
1:56 See how Patrick failed; that's me, just in Patrick form
1:59 Best part of the whole video. I love how he's laughing and trying not to stare. Cute girl, btw
2:02 Okay, he's better than me and 80% of the population. Go Patrick!
2:05 Um, impressive but nauseating
2:07 Superman!
2:17 Now that's talent on the pole. Take that, pole dancers. This guy is talented! Big time!
2:31 Looks nice, Pat. Just whack that thing around and pretend you're intimidating. I'm scared...if that helps.
2:35 I could never figure out the pattern you're supposed to follow
2:39 What a cool dog!
2:57 Love this guy! Anyone have his number?
3:06 WOAH!!! (thanks for not squishing Patrick, btw)
3:32 Most talented group in the video (I think I'm even qualified to join!!!)
3:59 Cool ending!
Summary: Catchy song and cool thought process. I like whoever thought about going around and finding talented people. It's different and I like different. :) You can watch the video here

Song 3# Cough Syrup by Young the Giant
0:02 I think we're under water
0:07 Yep, because guitarists and musicians like to play their instruments in front of the pool. Water needs music too
0:09 Ooooh, Sameer! I love him. Marry me, por favor?
0:11 A fish tank?
0:21 Hello. Nice swimsuits.
0:22 Food dye always makes water much prettier
0:26 Kinda looks like bubbles
0:32 I like the bouncy bassist
0:38 LOTS of food dye. Much more fun
0:41 Bouncy
0:49 Food dye must have been on sale
0:53 Good for you, chicka! be a non-conformist; we have much more fun
0:57 Fun colors
1:06 Time to swim!
1:10 I have so much respect for people that can do that
1:28 Hey, they moved!
1:51 This is where science gets cool
2:05 Wonder how they got the sunglasses to stay glued to their faces...
2:09 "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming..." (Sorry, couldn't resist as Dory reference)
2:16 Kickboards are very fashionable
2:18 Oh, that's a cool effect
2:27 I'm thinking, oh, at least 50% off. Or their budget was like 100,000 dollars
2:37 Birds!
2:38 I'm reminded of that anatomy picture where it's the dude with like 3 arms and legs
2:52 I wonder how much practicing it took to get that just right
2:54 Look at him! He feels the music. $303 dollars says Chris Brown doesn't feel his; mostly cuz his lyrics are all about money and sexing up the ladies
3:05 Do I even want to ask?
3:09 Ugh, I'm confused
3:13 Smoke, I see, smoke
3:15 That's probably how Ke$ha takes a bath
3:18 Prettier than Ke$ha
3:31 That looks like a lot of fun
3:55 The smoke disappeared
3:58 It's that cool reverse trick.
4:02 Oh, Sameer!
4:08 It's over already? I like it when you were staring at the camera, looking right into my eyes...sigh...
Summary: A music video that meets several criteria:
1) Hot lead singer
2) Takes place at a pool
3) Showcases a talent of some sort
4) Has members of the band that actually look like they want to be there
5) Uses dye
6) Is entertaining
Watch the video here

Well, I hope you enjoyed my commentary, I'm always trying to think of ideas for new posts, so if you think of something interesting, comment or e-mail me. I love feedback!

Until next week,

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