Friday, January 18, 2013

The Good, The Amazing, and the Superamazing Playlist


It’s been a while since I’ve done a “What is Bella Listening To,” so tonight, I present my new playlist.
Here we goooo….

Relapse (Cosmonaut Grechko Remix) by Jhameel and Blue Satellite- I’ve highlighted Jhameel before, but this track is totally different from his normal music. It’s a remix of one of his original songs “Relapse” and the remix brings something new to an already great song. It makes the list because of the strong piano lines intermixed throughout the track, the perfect distortion, and the lyrics are sheer poetry. Put all these elements together, you have an amazing song. Worth checking out, even if you’re not into electro/remixes (as well, you might have heard this song if you’ve been to Hollister recently).

Act Like You Know by That Work- I love the electro meets alternative feeling of the song. Like “Relapse,” it’s slightly different from what I highlight on my blog, but sometimes, it’s a good thing to listen to all sorts of music. Anyways, I love this song because that chorus is constantly stuck in my head, the singer’s voice is so unique, excited yet soothing, and the lyrics are just as stunning as the music, for example “Ain’t got no eyes for no other…/you make it hard to get over/this feeling’s just too much…/I’m catching a fever.” Lovesick, yet with perfect syntax. Love it.

Flexxin’ By Dutch Uncles- String sections can truly enhance a song, as demonstrated in this track. This one really grew on me. Additionally, I like the layered vocals, catchy chorus, and the lead singer’s croon—so sick. J

Empty Party Rooms by Minus The Bear- One of my favorite bands! They are coming to my town in March and I really hope to go see them. The tickets are super affordable and I’ve listened to them for several years now. They are known for their flawless harmonies, steady beats, and ridiculously memorable lyrics. This song is no exception. It builds, crescendos, decrescendos, and repeats with perfect accuracy. Jake’s vocals blow me away each time, too. J

Pawn Shop Blues by Lana Del Rey- Oh, Lana. I realize I’ve reviewed like a million of her songs, but she has a ton of unreleased material on Youtube, a freaking goldmine for music lovers like me and considering the song has two million views, I suppose I’m not the only one who loves her unreleased material. The main difference between her unreleased music and her released music is her unreleased is relatively undoctored. “Pawn Shop Blues” is just plain and simple elegance flowing from her lips with a barebones arrangement of strings and guitars. The lyrics carry the song and you can feel her emotion, sympathize with her plight: selling things that an ex gave her in order to bury the memories. We’ve all had those low points—metaphorical or not—and Lana—or Lizzie, if you want to be specific—has a certain knack for connecting on several levels with her listeners, not just spewing hatred or sadness.
 I like to contrast her with Taylor Swift. Both women write music (though Lana usually only requires one other person to help fine tune her lyrics, not write them for her, whereas Taylor usually uses two or more people) about their lives—autobiographical songs hold a special place in our hearts, don’t they?—but Lana varies her subjects, discussing love, but heartache, depression, memories, and even fantasies. Taylor, on the other hand, writes about love, breakups, and love, usually repeating and recycling old subjects and material, pawning it off as a new single. (Not to mention, she’s dated like half of Hollywood now, right? I love that Lana is so secretive about her private life; it makes me respect her even more). Point being, just because someone wants to write about their lives in their music doesn’t mean it has to be fluffy with repetitive lines and identical songs. That is why I love Lana and why “Pawn Shop Blues” beats “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” two break-up/never reconciling songs but one clearly outshines the other. Just my musings for the night. Overall, “Pawn Shop Blues” is one of my favorite songs of Lana’s and I wish she would release it so I can get it on my iPod. Such beauty. J

Well, that’s it for this week. Next week, I’ll get to part Three of the Twilight soundtrack reviews; I’m trying to mix it up here and there.
Until then,

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