Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Covers That Put the Original Artists To Shame


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm all for honesty. So, I have to be blunt here. It maybe a new year, but the music industry is still the big, broken machine it was 5 days ago. Sorry, but it's the truth.
Still, I consider myself an optimist, so even though the mainstream stuff is complete garbage and indie acts are still looked down upon and labeled, I believe there is a plethora of beautiful, amazing music waiting to be discovered and appreciated. The stuff on the radio is terrible, but with a little effort, it could be turned into something stunning. Therefore, tonight, I present 5 covers of terrible mainstream music made incredible.

5. "Off to The Races" (Originally by Lana Del Rey) by Drew Tabor- I discovered Drew a little over a year ago and she is one of my favorite female YouTube singers. Her vocals perfectly suit Lana's style, which I love anyways, with her deep, slightly gravely, yet powerful voice. Every cover Drew does makes me appreciate her talent even more. This cover, in particular, is so barebones, allowing her talent to really shine through, that it gives me goosebumps. Check out all her videos here

4. "Cola" (Originally by Lana Del Rey) by Ally Rhodes- I realize that this is the second Lana Del Rey song and the title of the post is "5 Covers That Put The Original Artists To Shame" and I love Lana, but both Ally and Drew bring something to Lana's songs. Where Drew's version is raw and chilling, Ally's stab at Lana is more polished but still absolutely beautiful! Both covers are incredible and it's impossible to choose a better singer of the two, so I pick both. :)

3. "I Knew You Were Trouble" (Originally by Taylor Swift) by Walk Off the Earth ft. KRNFX- Where Taylor's original version reeks of too many writers, a terrible stab at Dubstep (Only Skrillex can really get away with all the wub-wubbing) and comes across as another sloppy pop composition, WOTF's rendition is unique, darker, and the a capella gives the depth that the song was missing. I love Sarah's vocals, which blend nicely with the four other guys'. Crazy good.

2. "99 Problems" (Originally by Jay-Z) by Tonic Sol-Fa- I discovered these super talented guys after my mom saw an ad for their concert and we decided, on a whim, to go. Best. Decision. Ever. Seriously. They made a huge fan out of me. :) TSF is an acapella group-- and I've only mentioned a million times how much I love a capella in general--so it's really no surprise why this song makes the list. Jay-Z's versions oozes with his ridiculous bravado and features the most annoying background music I've heard, but TSF challenges that, giving the song a perfect beat, layered vocals, and making it completely loveable and listenable, unlike the original. You have to check these guys out. Really.

1. "One More Night" (Originally by Maroon 5) by Chester See ft. Alex G- Chester has one the most incredible voices and coupled with Alex's gentle vocals, Chester really shines here. Maroon 5's song has really great lyrics, but buried underneath too much synth, repetitious background noise, and Adam's obviously edited vocals, it's hard to tell. But, with Chester and Alex's expressive voices, and gentle guitar and piano, the true passion of the lyrics really comes out. Once again, Chester has won me over and Alex has made me fall in love with her vocals. Love!

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