Friday, December 14, 2012

Beecher's Fault Continues to Amaze Me


A few months ago, I highlighted a band by the name of Beecher’s Fault. These amazing guys, from Astoria, New York, just released a new EP and it’s so amazing I just had to review it.

1. Misbehavior- A great song to start the album. I love how instruments all trickle in, climaxing with the addition of the lead singer’s distinctive vocals. The keyboard line really stands out, as well as the tambourine; tambourines are by far the most underappreciated instrument out there. J The percussion has an incredible effect, allowing the song to nicely flow.

2. In Waves- Love the drum-only introduction and how the instruments come in “in waves.” Very creative. The song has a very 1980’s flavor, which automatically gets my approval. Still, the track remains totally modern. The two styles could have clashed, but they don’t, which goes to show that Beecher’s Fault is here to stay.

3. Say Something- My personal favorite track. I love the opening line of “quit scaring my friends.” It instantly piques my interest. The instrumentation is simple—yet complex—permitting the vocals to be the main focus. The harmonies are stunning and the melody will be stuck in your head for the next week, at least. J

4. Wall Street- Maybe this one is my favorite track. I can’t decide; they’re all great. This song is, indeed, a “hell of a time.” I particularly like the minor tone, truthful lyrics, steady percussion in the background, and the guitar solo around 2:12.

5. Photos- A solid final track. The song boasts a bittersweet melody, a tambourine (you know my thoughts on tambourines) and once again, showcases their amazing drummer. I love the various instrumentation and the  lead singer’s falsetto.

Overall, Beecher’s Fault is a band where all the members are remarkable musicians, excellent songwriters, and beautiful performers. This EP sets that in stone. I wish these guys the best of luck. Tell all your friends about these guys, buy their album (I promise you’ll have these songs stuck in your head), and support them; they deserve it.

If you want to connect with the band, their music is available on iTunes, Spotify, and their website. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and their official website.

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