Friday, November 30, 2012

Get Cubs To The Mountains Review

I don't know if you all remember or not, but a few months ago I highlighted a band called Get Cubs. If not, click here. They recently released their debut album To The Mountains. All I can say is TGFTB (Thank God for the British). It appears we are going through a much needed British invasion at the moment and I couldn't be happier about it. In a music industry that is rife with untalented pop stars who can barely sing a single note without the aid of auto tune and bands that are really just singing groups with one member than knows like two chords on his guitar, it's nice to see bands like Get Cubs come along. Get Cubs maybe music's saving grace. Josh, their lead singer, has a strong, memorable voice and their instrumentation is pop meets rock meets melodic beauty.
Without further ado, my five favorite songs from Get Cubs's album To The Mountains.

5. Spain- Love the introduction, which instantly hooked me! The manic drums and bold vocals really set this song apart from the others. This song truly sounds like something Two Door Cinema Club would have put out, except it's even better.

4. Plastic Parade- I've reviewed this song before but I had to do it again; it's that good. I love the poetic lyrics, tambourine, acoustic guitar lines, and complicated rhythmic patterns, which all complement each other, layering with purpose and design. Stunning.

3. I Can't Tell- Get Cubs certainly does not neglect the rhythmic component of their songs and I commend them for that; it is something that is most definitely missing in most of today's music. Not only is I Can't Tell's melody infectious, the rhythms add to the song, creating a musical masterpiece of sorts. I love how the song builds, beginning from humble, bare bones roots and then exploding (in a good way).

2. Delilah- This song makes the list simply because, not only do they use instruments to add a rhythmic component to their songs, they also use Josh, their very capable lead singer, too. I also love the guitars that strengthen the beautiful melody.

1. Sights and Sounds- I love the steady, contagious beats at the beginning and the way every other component trickles in. This song will be stuck in your head; I promise! :) The "oh" 's and the chorus are super catchy. I think this has to be the best track on the entire album.

So, that's it for this week. Go check out Get Cubs on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and listen to their album on Spotify or on Soundcloud. Support these guys! They deserve it.

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