Friday, August 3, 2012

I'd Like to Thank Twitter and Pandora For My Music Collection

So, I realized it's been a while since I posted about my ever-changing music playlist. Without further ado....
Radioactive by Imagine dragons- If you watched the Olympic opening ceremony and saw the Chicago Fire commercial (I didn’t) or listen to the radio, you’ve probably heard of Imagine Dragons. Their big song right now is “It’s Time,” which I think is a good song, but I am head over heels for “Radioactive.” This song has everything I desire in music: a soft, twinkling guitar intro, equally quiet harmonies in the background, an attention-grabbing percussion section, a powerful vocalist, dark lyrics “this is it/ the apocalypse…/welcome to the new age…/I’m radioactive,” and a song that never quits, going full force right until the last second. One beast of a song. I’m impressed.

Green Grass by I Am Arrows- Pandora is a music lover’s best friend. Without that website, I would not have discovered this song. I know that this song is not exactly “new,” but, it doesn’t matter; it’s still fantastic two years later. The band is a side project of Andy Burrows, the ex-drummer of Razorlight, and I absolutely love it. I admire Andy’s vocal range, the simplistic (yet perfect) lyrics, and the rhythm section is great. Nicely done, dudes. J

Don’t Wake The Lion by Joy Valencia- Again, I really love twitter. Thanks to that helpful resource, I found out about Joy Valencia. This song is very pop-rooted and I could totally imagine this song being played on the radio. It’s crazy catchy and I’ve had the chorus stuck in my head all week. Infectious melodies coupled with poetic lyrics and Joy’s simply amazing voice makes for a great discovery. Super good. J As well, the music video is really cute. Check it out sometime!

Ten Cent Pistol by The Black Keys- I’ve started listening to these guys again. Unfortunately, I did not stay up on their tour schedule and they just came to Iowa, but I found out the day before. Shoot. Nonetheless, these guys make gritty blues relevant again. The guitar lick at the beginning lures the listener in, Dan Auerbach’s vocals never fail to make me fall in love, and of course, Patrick works miracles on his drum set. The right amount of distortion, when down in taste, can really complement a song. I think it’s safe to say The Black Keys have mastered that formula. Sweet.

 The Only Way by Gotye- This song comes from my favorite Gotye album, “Like Drawing Blood,” which is finally available on Spotify, for our listening pleasure. J I like this track because of Gotye’s warbling, distinctive vocals, that percussion (it’s amazing! It completely fits the tone of the song perfectly), the minor key, the various instruments in the background, and it’s slightly jazzy, r &b sound, melded with his omnipresent alternative roots. Great song!
Until next week,

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