Friday, April 27, 2012

Key of Awesome Nailed It!


Judging by my last posts, I've decided this blog could do with a little humor. No, I'm not going to suddenly morph into a comedian.

No, My humor is not going to entertain you. I'll leave that up to Key of Awesome. If you've ever done any creeping around YouTube, or have a Facebook/Twitter, then you've probably heard of a show on called Key of Awesome, on BarelyPolitical's channel. Just in case you don't know, they spoof songs/musicians/actors, by creating parody songs. Several years ago, their parody for "Tik Tok," yes, that horrible Ke$ha "song," generated 100,000,000 views.
Their most recent product is a parody of One Direction. Who is One Direction? Um, they're awful.

No, that's not specific, and I know that, but they suck. They're five barely-past-puberty boys who think they can sing, don't play any instruments, and are very popular with the easily influenced junior high crowd. I'm sorry, but I cannot respect a musician who either/or does not play an instrument/ doesn't write their own music. These boys are too caught up in being every 12 year old girl's fantasy. They're British, so I guess that's sexy to some people. If they were good musicians, sure, but this type of music, ehhh. I'll pass. I can think of like 5 British bands that suck less then them. Just sayin'.
These totally adorable guys (that's sarcasm) got their start on the X-Factor, in Britain. From what I've gathered, they each tried out individually, but were unsuccessful. And, so, our hero (that's more sarcasm),Simon Cowel put them together and they got 3rd place. hoo-fricking-ray. Ugh.
They are a prime example of what is wrong with the music industry--talentless, over promoted, arrogant jerks. Anyways, I'll get to that in another post. This is supposed to be about the parody.

So, my original topic: the parody. :) What I love...
Key of Awesome's fantastic writing

Their dedication to getting the boys to wear clothes very similar to those found in the original video. The wigs are funny, just in that they look so fake, it's almost like they're acknowledging "yes, we are making a parody of these so, it's completely intentional." I like that about them.

Next, I love the waving and pointing. The original music video--sorry, I should say garbage video--is filled to the brim with ridiculous gestures. And they lyrically make fun of it too "Let's all point and run/pointing at stuff is such fun."

The line "We all sing high, cuz we're neutered." That's what we've all been thinking, but too afraid to say for fear of crazy Directions--yes, they really call themselves that--chopping our heads off.

The dumb, cookie-cutter, boy-band dance moves. I.e, lots of weird gang symbols mixed with waving. Again, just like it was ripped right from the original video.

The guy in the red pants' prissy run. I love his arms flailing about. That's how I secretly imagine those OD (One Direction, not obsessive disorder or something stupid like that) all actually act. (Hm, that was three a's in a row. I'm such a good writer)

His suspenders hanging low around his pants. It cracks me up that in the original video one of those dorks was running around with his suspenders bouncing around. Seriously, dude? No one even wears suspenders anymore. Oh, well, the fact that KoA included it is fantastic.

That failed heel stretch by the man in the red capris. hahaha that nearly made me fall off my chair. He did a pretty good job, considering I've seen some cheerleaders--my sister's involved in the sport--who have much worse heelstretchs. I also love his attempt to not lose his balance, but staggering backwards. Priceless.

The pink thong. OMG! (I'm talking like a Directioner now. Kill me now) No, but really, that was too hilarious. The fact that he's wearing the same thong, just to make fun of their ridiculous femininity is too funny. "What's going on/I like your thong/girl did you know that I've got the same one on."

"We're on the beach/playing a sport." I like how they threw a ball at one guy, who hit it with another ball, the dude spinning around a bat, the referee arm motions, and the two other guys just standing there.

That they finally had the bravery to make fun of something that bugged me from the first time I watched the garbage video--the boys are on the beach, but they're wearing pants and tee-shirts. Duh, dudes, why do you think people go to the beach?

"Here comes a girl who was paid to be here." hahahaha Too good! In real life, 1D would have to pay some girl a whole lotta moola just to get her to stay.

They're making fun of their lack of, erm, maturity. *cough cough* I'll leave it at that.

The "na-na part." Brillant! Sounds super British, huh? I can totally sympathize with the entire waking up a night with that stuck in your head. It happens to me all the time. Annoying. Best part: "My grandmother's nickname was Nana." Oh, I like the fact that she just kind of screams at them.

The confessions at the end. I love the "I don't know that I'm gay yet." "I will O.D on heroine." "I will be the Justin one." "You will be the fat Fatone." "I will be in musicals." Watch all, or at least 4/5, of those come true. Called it, y'all!

So, if you haven't seen the Key of Awesome parody, check it out! It's fantastic. Next week, I'll do more ranting/reviewing; I just wanted to do something different.

Voila: the video.

Until next week,

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