Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alex Clare

Hey, here's a quickie (I'm leaving for spring break soon!) post. I recently discovered this fantastic British artist, Alex Clare. I was watching SNL last Saturday when the Internet Explorer 9 commercial came on. I noticed instantly the song playing in the background--it gave me goosebumps. As soon as it was over, I googled the commercial and found out who the artist was. There's not much available to purchase from him, namely in the U.S, but if you're in the U.K, buy a copy for me. :)
What makes his sound unique is his soulful, bluesy, deep, rich voice, beautiful, soul-searching lyrics, and the house/techno music in the back. They seem like they shouldn't go together--the blues and techno--but it works. It's like chocolate and bacon. They shouldn't work, but they do. It's cool.
Tracks to check out on YouTube--Too Close (from the commercial), Treading Water, and I Love You.


**Edit** His album is available in iTunes and Spotify and if you haven't already, I would recommend checking it out. I really would love for this guy to be more than just a "one-hit wonder." :)

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