Friday, January 13, 2012

Review of Jason Mraz's 2 New Singles

Hey, sorry for not updating, but there was Christmas break, then traveling for New years, and finally, the worst of all, Semester Finals. Yuck. :)
But all of that stupid stuff is over, and I'm back to blogging. I am here to make a promise to you guys; I will update this blog every Friday.

So, let's do some music reviewing.
Jason Mraz has released 2 new singles off his upcoming album and here's my take on them.

Let us begin with The World As I See It. A cute song, with a very basic chord progression, the lyrics detail a relationship by comparing it to the beauty he sees in the world. Very adorable. Jason certainly has a way with words, which explains his monstrous fan base. Just sayin', that man is like our generation's Bob Dylan or The Beatles. IMO. My favorite line "From a bird's eye view, I can see you are just like me."
Check out the song here

The most recently released single I Won't Give Up is okay. I expected more from Jason considering TWAISI was a fantastic song. It reminds me of coffee-house style music. You know, nerdy guys in beanies with thick-rimmed glasses playing in some run-down building downtown. It will probably make an appearance in your local Starbucks. :) If you like the sort-of gritty, truthful music with a thousand promises in the lyrics, then this is your song. :D If you want to check it out click here. Best line: "I won't give up on us/ even if they skies get rough/ I'm giving you all my love/ I'm still looking up."

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