Thursday, October 10, 2013

Track of the Week: "Mason Jars" by Smallpools


I wasn't totally sold on iTunes Radio at first, thinking it was just going to be a stupid Pandora Radio knockoff. Surprisingly, it's grown on me. The first few tracks it gave me on my Alternative Radio station were mainstream tunes disguised as alternative ones, but after I told it stop playing those, I received some beautiful surprises.

That is where this week's Track of the Week comes from. It is "Mason Jars" by Smallpools, a relatively new four-piece American band. Chances are, you've heard their song "Dreaming" on AltNation, but even if, like me, you weren't a fan of that one. You've got to try this one.

It has a Foster the People meets Lorde meets Youngblood Hawke vibe to it, if you can imagine that. The bass line is the underlying force propelling the song and the guitars flesh out the overall sound. The soft country twanging in the background make it a bit of a genre bouncing, while the slightly distorted vocals keep it in the alternative realm. I love how, right before the chorus, the lead singer pushes his vocals ever-so slightly above his range while managing to stay in complete control of them.
I promise you'll have this song on repeat for the next week, at least. Enjoy, my friends. :)

Until then,

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