Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Track of the Week: "This is Gospel" by Panic! At the Disco

So, like I said last week, Panic! has been releasing some new music, leading up to their new album dropping in October. The second single they released was "This is Gospel." I am totally loving this song because it is a big leap from their old material, but yet, at the same time, the lyrics are very Vices and Virtues, so they are not completely rewriting themselves. It's a smart move, evolving while recognizing the past.
The song starts out slow and minimal with Brendon's vocals filtered through a vocoder and a heartbeat like beat in the background. Then, all the other instruments come in. The guitar lines give it a nice body while the drumming keeps the song moving and flowing. As the song ends, it returns to the minimal set-up , which gives the song a nice rounded feeling. The lyrics are up for debate as I have heard rumors that they are about Brendon’s misgivings with the Mormon church and that they might be able Jon and Ryan leaving the band. They’re ambiguous enough that we’ll never know and perhaps that is the way Brendon intended it to be. Secrecy is a powerful tool and his lyrics masterfully wield it.

If this song is a sign of  what we might be hearing on the new album, I’m excited! It’s nice to see them trying new things without leaving all their previous material completely behind. This should be a good album and I cannot wait to review it.

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