Friday, April 5, 2013

The Good Mad Review


Sorry for not posting last week, but I spent the better half of last weekend digging through moving boxes, trying to put my house back together. Anyways, I’m back with another band review.

This week, I’m highlighting The Good Mad. I found them a few months ago, as their lead singer Allie Gonino plays Laurel on the Lying Game, and in one of the episode, she performs with her band. I was intrigued by their sound features ukuleles, violins, and various instruments.  Overall, the trio’s sound is unique, fusing alternative, pop, and folk music seamlessly.

Some of my favorite tracks are:

Baby’s On the Run which is reminiscent of The Civil Wars, featuring a prominent banjo, gorgeous harmonies, and a straight-up folk vibe. Allie’s violin at 1:42 fits perfectly; it is rich and full-bodied, adding to the song.

Follow Your Heart which leads in straight away with a strong strings section, mellows out, and fires back up again. I like the alternating vocals in this one especially. It has a darker tone which I like as it almost contrasts with the lyrics which are about following your heart. Normally, those types of songs are light, poppy and bouncy. This is heavier and I love their choice.

In the Gray is a slower song that really allows the lyrics to take center stage. “I don’t know why/you chose to evade… you should leave me behind/what if it’s true what they say/it’s better to end a love/then to throw it away.” Absolutely beautiful.

Sail on, which might be my favorite song they’ve put out, starts out like a folk song but evolves stylistically by the first verse or so. I like how comfortable they are with genre bouncing; it’s a very brave move that definitely pays off. Allie’s vocals are particularly stunning on this track and the background vocals provide the perfect complement to her already forceful voice. Additionally, “these days it seems like everyone is bidding on love/but it’s not up for sale” is an absolutely genius line.

In conclusion, The Good Mad have the ability to go far. I really admire their artistry and originality. Their songs are similar without being repetitious and by bringing in different instruments, they ensure that they are not just a folk band or a rock band or anything else.

They are one of my favorite new finds and you should totally check them out!

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