Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Is Bella Listening To...Minus the Bear Edition


Sorry this post is late but I had an event this morning that required me to get up super early, so I went to bed quite a bit sooner than I normally do. Consequently, this post is late. But, it’s here! J

Like I promised, it’s another installment of “What is Bella Listening To,” where I show you what I have been listening to for the past week or so.

So…here we go!

5. “Sleeping Ute” By Grizzly Bear- The song leads in with a single guitar and gradually adds in all the other instruments, including a prized tambourine. Just like the cowbell, songs just need more tambourine. All the instruments kind of clash in a beautiful way; if any other band did this, I’d call it cacophony, but with Grizzly Bear it’s sheer genius.

4. “It’s Real” by Real Estate-This track has a lovely flowing feeling to it, swaying rather than jumping.  Ridiculously catchy, the oh’s  surrounding the chorus will be stuck in your head for the next four days, at least. Though it is repetitive, it never gets boring, a sign of a truly well-composed song.

3. “The Fix” by The Minus The Bear- I included this song not only because it’s an amazing song, where the momentum really climaxes just before the first chorus and then keeps fighting right until the end, but also for the memories associated with it. I went to the MTB concert last week and some hipster fist-pumped through the entirety of this track and to be honest, it’s a fantastic song for that, especially those quick hits in the chorus. 10 Bears out of 10.

2. “Excuses” by Minus the Bear- I did promise a lot of MTB last week, didn’t I? J I love this song because it shows a slightly softer side of the band who are known for loud, powerful guitar riffs and crazy synthesizer parts. It glides, soaring through the stunning melody, but is powered by Erin’s drumming ability and Jake’s convincing vocals, highlighted by the raw, emotional lyrics, a rare sight for the band. I think this might be my favorite MTB track.

1. “The Listing” by Minus the Bear (Live at Daryl’s House, episode 62)- Yes, I realize this is another MTB song but I feel little shame in including it here as it’s live, it’s with Daryl Hall (yep, from Hall and Oates), and the setup is beyond incredible. I love the arrangement, all the vocals float together, creating a gorgeous harmony, and the guitars work really well with each other. Jake, the bearded guy, is one of my favorite lead singers, and together with Daryl, it’s like a power duo, really. Both guys really go for those big notes, and they never fall short.
If you haven’t seen Daryl’s web series before, you should check it out. He’s collaborated with other groups/artists like Patrick Stump and Jason Mraz.

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed my MTB influenced music choices this week. Next week, I have something special planned so check back next Friday. Be sure to comment, tweet me, or e-mail me with your thoughts.

Until then,

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