Friday, February 22, 2013

Fall Out Boy is Back And Other Songs I'm In Love With


So, last week, I wrapped up the series on lyrics. And this week, we’re back to actual music reviews! I know that other series deviated from my typical format, but it’s an issue I’m, obviously, very passionate about.

Without further ado, another installment of “What is Bella Listening To…”


My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy- Who else is super excited about these guys getting back together????!!! I guess you can tell I am. J I seriously fell in love with Patrick Stump when I saw him open for Panic! At the Disco last year and I appreciate Fall Out Boy’s stuff a little differently now; I’ve always kind of liked their stuff, but not I really love it. J Anyways, this song starts out with dark distortion, choir-esque vocalizations, and then the down-and-dirty guitar riffs breakthrough and then, it’s Patrick time to shine. (Pardon the cliché) And that chorus!!! Holy crap. It’s just all like KABOOOMMM! That’s the best way I can explain it. It’s wild, yet controlled and just a beautiful explosion of the awesomeness that is Fall Out Boy.

About to Die by Dirty Projectors- I love the strange, African sounding drumbeats at the beginning, delicate plucking noises, and the way everything just trickles in. Some songs start off strong and others just kind of gradually grow. This song hits its peak around 1:18 or so, right before the chorus. Before and after, this song is fantastic.

All These Girls by Atlas Genius- Atlas Genius is one of my favorite discoveries of 2012. They’re Australian, which is totally awesome (I am such a sucker for accents, especially Australian ones J ). This song, like their other tracks, is a mixture of pop meets rock meets alt; and it is totally brilliant. The changing time signatures, varying rhythms, and undulating vocals make for a sweet find. Check them out. J

Running For Cover by Ivan & Aloysha- I like the kind of swaying beat, stripped instrumentation, and the intricately layered vocals. It has kind of a soundtrack feeling, like something that could play in an episode of White Collar or something. That’s cool, in my book. This song is absolutely gorgeous.

I Wanna Be Free by Panic At the Disco- a big throwback, considering this song came out several years ago as a bonus track off their album Vices and Virtues. Nonetheless, the song is easily one of Panic’s best efforts. I love Brendon’s glorious, soaring vocals, Spencer’s steady drumming that, at times, reminds me of Darren King from MuteMath. Love the swift change that occurs around 2:14-ish. I love how they are unafraid to throw something in there like that and it always works. An oldie, but a goodie. J


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