Sunday, November 4, 2012

We Are Hunted Is Amazing


I am really sorry that this post is two days late. It would have been up on Friday, like usual, but I had a school-related activity both days, so I did not have time to write a post. Here is my belated post!

Like I promised, I am getting back to actually reviewing music, not just making crappy playlists. J

Here are five new-ish tracks I have recently discovered on one of my favorite Spotify apps, We Are Hunted. What is We Are Hunted? Well, in essence, it is an invaluable app on Spotify that features various emerging artists and mainstream artists. It allows you to discover new artists and new tracks and is an incredible resource for people, like me, who are always looking for new music. :)

As always, in no particular order,

5. Before the Dive by St. Lucia- I love the electronica influences, the vocal editing that adds, instead of subtracts, from the song, serving as another instrument, of sorts, in the vein of fun., and the 1980’s inspired sound; the song almost reminds me of something Genesis might have put out. The lyrics are beautiful and the melodies are infectious, resulting in a solid track.

4. Ariel by Antonio Paul- This is one of the first tracks that I discovered on We Are Hunted. Antonio Paul is two comprised of two Australian guys that truly embody what the music industry in missing. Their songs never quit, going full force to the end, each song is a unique piece of art, and the vocals and instrumentals literally meld together, as opposed to entering a sort of battle that some Alt/indie bands are guilty of. I really like the amount of energy and effort Antonio Paul puts into their music. Keep up the great work guys!

3. Stranded On (The Wrong Beach) by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying birds- This track is the one exception; I did not find this song on We Are Hunted. Instead, I heard another one of his songs over a year ago on Alt Nation, on SiriusXM. Noel Gallagher was, as I’m sure many of you know, a member of Oasis, though they have since split. Usually, I am sad when a band breaks up, but I think NGHFB’s music is 100x better than the stuff Oasis did. Truly. Anyways, I have included this song on my list because this week I was looking for some different music to listen to and decided to pay a visit to Noel’s album again. I am so glad I did. Back when I used to listen to the album nearly every day—I was slightly obsessed—I somehow managed to skip over this track. Now, looking back, I can’t believe I missing out on this song! This is easily the best song on the CD. I love the dark instrumentation, including the wine glasses which add an extra layer of creepy, the equally dark lyrics, the steady, very retro guitar line, and the steady percussion.  Amazing song. Even if you disregard everything else I suggest tonight, check out this song. J   

2. Holiday by Electric Guest- One of my favorite bands, as you all know, has put on another fantastic track. Asa and Matthew have a certain knack for coming out with perfect songs, that’s really the best way I can think to describe their talent. The melody has been stuck in my head all week—that’s a major compliment— the lyrics are stunning and I love the solid drum-lines. They always add just the right amount of eclectic instruments so they complement Asa’s vocals and Matthew’s drumming. Congrats on another hit! J

1. No Diggity by Chet Faker- Yes, this is indeed a cover of Blackstreet and Dr. Dre’s song and it is so much better than the original. I love the slowed, mellow spin Chet put on it. Whereas the other song seems to be ridiculously impressed with a girl for less than honorable reasons J, Chet’s cover appears to make the fluffy lyrics feel like they actually carry some substance. Lyrics aside, I love the simple instrumentation he utilizes, along with his very gravely vocals. A remarkable rendering.

Well, that concludes it for this week. J  Hopefully you discovered a new artist or re-discovered a song through this post!

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