Friday, August 17, 2012

A Sad Playlist

Sad news. My summer vacation comes to an end this Tuesday. Sucks, right? So, this week I'm just going to list my five favorite "sad" songs. I know it's a little weird, but hey, it's what I'm listening to this week. :)
5. Somebody’s Baby by Jon Foreman- Oh, my goodness. The first time I listened to this song I just broke down and cried like my dog had been killed. (My dogs are healthy and alive, thank you for asking).  Jon foreman is the lead singer of Switchfoot, and this song came from one of his four solo CDs he put out a few years ago, and I think this song is clearly the best (and the saddest). I like how this track is very bare-bones. It’s just Jon, a guitar, a light orchestral section, and zero percussion; it’s a nice change and adds to the emotional weight of the song. The song is about a homeless woman and raises a good point, “She’s somebody’s baby/ she’s somebody’s baby girl/ and she’s somebody’s baby still.” I never truly thought about it that way, but now I can’t help but…that’s powerful songwriting. Fantastic song, Jon. Really.

4.  Bad Day by Daniel Powter- I get that this song is hardly indie/alt. You couldn’t escape this song a few years ago! It was everywhere: the radio, TV (American Idol, anyone?), and the internet. Still, despite the fact that this song is about as mainstream as you can get, it’s a good, “bad” song. I think I’ve mentioned before that I love 24 (Jack Bauer, specifically) even though I realize that show has been off for two years now, my family got into it over the summer—we’re obsessed. J But, my sister, the little YouTube fiend that she is, found a well-done Jack Bauer video with this song in the background; it fits perfectly. J

3. Party of One by Tim Weisberg- Kind of a wild card, here, I know. This song has nearly nothing in common with the other songs on this playlist, but I specifically remember putting this song on last summer and mourning the fact school was beginning. Anyways, in case you didn’t know, Tim Weisberg is an amazing flautist (that’s someone who plays the flute…AKA a flutist, though the two can be used interchangeably) I completely melt when I hear his perfect, rich tone, the backing instruments that never overpower, just assist, and the varying sections, from the warbling tone, to the heavy bass, and back to the soft, gentle flute at the end. Gorgeous.

2. Brothers On a Hotel Bed by death Cab for Cutie- Can you really create a playlist without having at least one Death cab for Cutie song on it? I don’t think so. J I picked this song because of the melancholy piano intro, the lyrics detailing a failed relationship (the title comes from the line “Cause now we say good night/from our own separate sides/ like brothers on a hotel bed), and that haunting, sinking feeling emanating from my stomach that only Death Cab can create.
1.       Never Going to Give You Up by The Black Keys- This song is hardly sad, but I feel bad for the guy; obviously, this lady doesn’t want him, but he just won’t give it up. Somehow, this song qualifies for my “sad” playlist, just because his efforts are valiant, yet sad. Not to mention, the slow tempo, paired with his emotional vocals. Because we’re celebrating sadness today, I like this line:  “Do you see these tears/in my eyes/got no use in life.” Nicely done, Pat & Dan. J

Next week, I’m going to write about my 8 favorite eighties songs, which I realize i was going to write about this week, but I'm in kind of a :( mood right now, with school starting on Tuesday. Nonetheless, I'll pick that series back up next Friday. :)

Until next week,

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