Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Music Videos

Sorry for not posting last night, but I'm doing it it's okay. :)

Tonight I am doing my top 5 favorite music videos...

5. This City by Patrick Stump

4. I Write Sins Not Tragedies Panc! At the Disco

3. Heart's a mess by Gotye

2. One Thing Leads to Another by The Fixx

1.Spotlight  by MuteMath

5. Patrick Stump rocks. I've mentioned that before, and I think this video solidifies that. I like the black and white footage, the very 1980's effects, and Patrick's sick dance moves. No, he's not exactly the next Usher, but at least he can sing without mandatory autotune.

4. Yeah, I know these guys are, uh, questionable, (see my review of their concert, if you're lost) but this is their "big" breakout track and easily one of their best videos; sorry, hipsters, its true. So, what I like: the theatrical feeling, Brendon's top hat (I mean, seriously, who even wears those any more?), they're actually acting out the lyrics (I feel like that never happens anymore unless you're "getting down with some shawties"), and no dance breaks! Ha, that's incredible. Almost every music video (save for these, I suppose) features some type of choreographed dance break. I'm here for a story and the music, not some choreographer's idea of what's happening. Duh. Oh, well, amazing video/song. (And, yes, I know PATD has other songs; I own almost all of them. I just think this is their best video. But, The Ballad of Mona Lisa is good too as well as Ready To Go, but this is my fav and my blog, so shhh. :D)

3. Ah, Gotye. My favorite Australian. And musician, too. Here's what I dislike: nothing. Here's what I like: it has a futuristic theme, its very somber, I have no idea what is going on (when its a deep confusion, not just "Why are you going to three parties with your girlfriend's sister" type, I like it.), the way the "robots" dance-walk during certain segments of the song, and it reminds me a little of something Johnny Depp and Tim Burton would collab on. It feels like a movie, which is cool.

2. yes, I realize this video is from the 1980's. It's on my list because, well, it's just good music. Sometimes, especially when this song come on, I wish I had been alive during the 1980's; my parents were so lucky. :) This is, in my mind, the perfect video. A perfect video should follow these rules:  Okay, 1) walk around in a tunnel (because everybody in the 1980's just walked around in tunnels. Duh) 2) Wear a suit with the top/shirt unbuttoned enough that when you swing your arms like you are skiing, your chest cleavage either is super visible or you are completely covered by the suit (watch the video if you don't understand) 3) Rock a bad mullet 4) Make weird hand motions as if you are making up a new sign language that looks like a Do Not Cross sign in many different forms 5) Get some creepy dogs 6) Climb a ladder in a shiny outfit; all the cool kids are doing it 7) Have a crime scene lab that can be built in under 5 minutes. Just grab a lady's purse, some constumes from a thrift store, and have at it! 8) Make sure someone in your band looks like a celebrity (The Fixx found Matt Damon's blonde twin) 9) Crawl on the ground. It makes sense if you don't think about it. 10) Chase your bandmates around. One of my favorites from the 80's, which makes me think I should do a favorite videos of the 80's post. That would be cool. :)

1. This video is my favorite because it looks so spastic, so random, so "we're running out of time and we have to whip something together in the next half hour or we're going to look like idiots" that it achieves a high level of awesomeness. I think its great. Between the fact that they look totally cramped and that was the best Paul's hair has ever looked (sorry, I notice the little details), it's amazing. They all get so into the music, considering the fact that they are smushed into the back of a moving van. Amazing? Yes.

In music news, just wanted to let you know, on YouTube, they are broadcasting Bonaroo live. Tomorrow, Young the Gianta and many other alt/music greats are playing. Look it up!

Until next week,

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