Friday, May 18, 2012

Crazy Good Vocals + Creativity = Electric Guest

          Because I’m a nice person, I’m giving you two blog posts tonight. The first one will be short, just a quick, brief, little thing detailing what I’ve been listening to this week.

1.      This head I Hold by Electric Guest
Incredible band. The lead singer, Asa Taccone, is the younger brother of Jorma Taccone, 1/3 of The Lonely Island. Yes, those guys with “**** in a box” and “I Just Had Sex.” Anyways, Asa is a fantastic vocalist. He has a strong falsetto, beautiful range, and one of the best voices I can think of besides Paul Meany, lead singer of MuteMath, and Brendon Urie, of Panic! At the Disco, two incredible bands. The track is goose-bump-inducingly beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I like the keyboard intro in the beginning—reminds me of Keane, the drum solo—reminds me of MuteMath—and the vocal effects—reminds me of Fun. P.S. Check out the music video, the long one directed by a Keith something, it’s so weird and creative. It goes perfectly with the song. (Not to mention, Asa’s super cute. :D)

2.      American Dream by Electric Guest
Yep, another song from my new favorite band—I wish they would come to Iowa…
*insert fangirl sighs here*. I love this song because, frankly, I love Asa, but I also like the choir-like vocals at the beginning, amongst other amazing elements. A little history, Asa got a record deal because he was living in this house with these other guys, he met this one other dude, they started playing together, Asa used to play his music for Jorma and Jorma knows Danger Mouse (Danger Mouse produced groups like Gnarles Barkley and the cool compilation Rome, a spaghetti western and is ½ of Broken Bells) and he had Asa play for Danger Mouse and kaboom! A fantastic explosion of musical genius was born!  So, I like this song because I can hear the definite, detectable Danger Mouse sounds that I’ve come to know and love. As well, I like the  well, fader-like effect on Asa’s vocals. The lyrics are cool. From what I’m been able to deduce through my own brains and YouTube, the lyrics are about the crumbling American Dream. It’s not my place to say what I think, but I like the way he presents the lyrics; I had no idea what it was about until I studied the lyrics. I appreciate that, considering most other semi-political lyrics are very upfront and in your face. Nicely done, Asa. J

So, that’s it for this post, but next week, I’m going to do a full review of Mondo, Electric Guest’s debut album. Look forward to it!
Until next week,

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