Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Songs You Should Know

Well, aren't you lucky! You're getting 2 posts this week, instead of just one.
This first post is going to be as random as they come, quite honestly. No, I'm not going to whine about the downfall of music as we know it or brag about the fact that it's Justin Beiber's birthday and I haven't listened to a single song of his all day long. (Scratch that, in celebration, I'm suffering through Never Say Never...why did I think this was a good idea?)
Nope, instead of that boring stuff, I'll just talk about some songs that I like/new artists. My second most will be a review of Fun.'s new album--awesomeness in MP3 form, if you ask me, which you did not, but I am supplying my answer anyway.

Random song 1: Bittersweet by Panic! At the Disco
Yes, this is the exact same band that I ranted about last week, and while I'm not particularly thrilled with the boys in their personal lives, I can appreciate that they are fabulous musicians. This song was a bonus track off their last album Vices and Virtues, and should probably have been an actual track on the album; it's that good. Things I like: the fade in, the catchy guitar riffs in the beginning, the back-up vocals (very doo-wop esque), the twisting and turning lyrics (My favorite place/is the warm embrace/of holding your hair back/in a bathroom stall...maybe it's just me, but I did NOT see that coming. They're pretty good at that) and the point in the song when Brendon switches from a higher octave to a much lower octave than he typically sings in. I approve, boys.

Random song 2: Somebody That I Used to Know By Walk Off the Earth (originally by Gotye)
One of my favorite songs ever and now one of my favorite covers. I love how it's just a bunch of random people playing a guitar, looking totally bad doing it too. The girl has a beautiful voice. Granted, it's not Kimbra's voice, but I've heard worse. Just look around YouTube and you'll find thousands of people who cannot sing a single correct note. So, I give these people lots of credit.

Random song 3: Magic by The Knocks and Gary Go
I have to confess: I heard this song in Hollister, so it's not exactly undiscovered talent, but it's catchy. Gary Go, I have heard of, but not The Knocks. A couple of years ago, I heard "Wonderful" Gary Go, but kind of forgot about him. He has some mean vocals on this track, even with the unnecessary auto-tune like sound and the ridiculous vocal effects. I realize that last sentence makes me sound like I hate the song; I don't. It's like tampered-with-alternative music. Some people might say this is pop/dance and others will say alternative. I say: shut up and enjoy the song. :)

Random song 4: Do Better by Say Anything
This song came from putting Spotify's radio option. At first, it was kind of like eh, but I kept listening to it and it grew on me. My favorite line is: "Life is not a spark in space/an episode of Will & Grace...Debra's Messing with your brain." Genius!

Random song 5: Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks
Number one: I love the band's name. Number two: love how simple the track is. Number three: This song does not make me nervous

Random song 6: St. Walker by Young the Giant
I am sucker for a minor key and a crazy good base-line. When I read the title for the very first time, I thought St. stood for Saint and so I was like, "Cool, Saint Walker. Somehow I missed his name in history class." Then, I listened to the song and realized he meant street walker. Gotcha. Anyways, despite all my stupidity, it's a fantabultastic, that's a dictionary word. Probably should be...but it's not. Thumbs up! (30 Days until the Young The Giant Concert with for sure. It's at the same venue as Panic! At the Disco; let's pray it goes better this time! I hope that venue is not cursed! What can I say? I'm superstitious. Think about it, you were too at one point in your life.)

Random song 7: Mundian to Bach Ke by Panjabi MC
Don't laugh at me! I have a strange, varying taste in music. This is hardly alternative or new, but I rediscovered this song last week and remembered how much I like this song. It kind of makes me want to learn how to do Bollywood dance. You might recall that this song was in Stick It, that movie from nearly four years ago with Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen in Twilight...Did I mention I'm a Twi-Hard too? I should have. Don't worry; I've calmed down quite a bit. :D).

Random song 8: {LAST ONE!} Easy Way Out by Gotye
This song is infectious. I sense some Beatles/70's influences in this track and love it. The first Beatles' song that came to mind was "Day Tripper." What do you think? It's different how the vocals are almost hushed throughout the verses and then gradually gets louder throughout the chorus. The music video is, well, kind of like watching one of those ridiculous Indie movies where you waste hours (or minutes in this case) trying to figure out what is happening, why it is happening, and what is the significance. Also, does that mean he's dead? Crazy musicians...

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