Thursday, February 16, 2012

Odd Soul Review

Here is finally is! haha I know the album came out a loooong time ago (like 4 months...) but here is my track by track review of MuteMath's new album "Odd Soul."

1. Odd Soul- very bluesy, wailing-like vocals, and pain behind the lyrics. It rubbed me the wrong way at first. I was like, "Ugh, this isn't MuteMath!" Then, I heard it in concert and it's now one of my fav songs. It pushes Paul (the lead singer) and that's always good. Don't get too comfy!

2. Prytania- my jam-out song. haha Kicking bass-line and Darren (drummer) just goes kind of manic here! I have no idea what "Prytania" is, but it's a darn good song.

3. Blood Pressure- 2nd single from the album (Odd Soul was the first) this one also was on my I-Hate-This-Song list, but, thank God for the concert. ;) I love this song. I interpret it to be talking about the pressure that is put on Christians to do more, be more, etc.

4. Tell Your Heart Heads Up- Number one, super tongue-in-cheek title. Number two, this song will get you on your feet in like 2 seconds. Paul is just pouring his soul into this track

5. All or Nothing- a nice slower track, more like Armistice than their first album. Paul explores his vocal range, producing a haunting falsetto set to a gentle, but memorable drum line

6. Sun Ray- Instrumental Track. Very cool. It's reminds me of P!ATD doing the "Introduction" on their first album.

7. Allies- "Somehow this world is out of control, we gotta found our enemies." Good lyrics and good instrumentation

8. Cavalries- similar to All or Nothing with plenty of reverb and a nice minor key tonality

9. Walking Paranoia- So totally on my running playlist. This one, I heard, is about being worried about Jesus coming back, like He could show up any minute. I can relate, and it's nice to know that Darren/Paul are worried too. ;)

10. One More. O. M. G. Falsetto!!! The first time I heard this song I was walking my dog and had to stop. I actually got goosebumps; it was so beautiful. The way Paul just manipulates his voice from one octave to the next; he makes it seem totally seamless and easy. Ke$ha needs to take voice lessons from him.

11. Equals- kick-butt song. Very motivating song, nice harmony and key changes. Exactly what you would expect from MM

12. With a total run time of 7:02, it's the longest on the CD, but without a doubt, the best. The minor key! The tempo change! The harmony! Ugh, it's just too good to be true. A band should not be this good.

13. In No Time- very ballad-like. Slower tempo, more harmony, less drum, so that's good and bad. It's not really MM without Darren, ya know? It's like Oreo with the filling; it just doesn't work. So, not my fav track

14. Amendment- cool harmony, reverb, very choir-like, but in a positive way. It works.

15. Cold Sparks- I love to listen to this song before I go to sleep. It puts me in a relaxed sttae, between the drum kit, the mellow tone, and guitar line

16. Sun Ray part 2- another instrumental, a la P!ATD, but even cooler, less theatrical, more mature/composed. It works, it works just fine.

Download the album, y'all. And go see them in concert! They're on tour!

Next week: Review of a certain concert. ;) Not a good review, either. Be ready for me to get mean and sad. :)

 Support your indie/alt artists!
Until next week,

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