Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review of 3OH!3's new single "Bang Bang"

So, if you keep up with new music, you probably heard that 3OH!3 is relesing a new single each week for 3 weeks. Last week, they released Bang Bang, and this week they released Dirty Mind. Since this is a music blog, I thought I would review both of them. Let's begin with Bang Bang.
3OH!3, the guys behind hits like "Don't Trust Me" (I'm pretty sure most of you remember that Hellen Keller line) and "Starstrukk (the collab with Katy Perry), are from Colorado. They specialize in "jokey raps" and killer hooks.

"Bang Bang" is a super catchy song. This little tune will be stuck in your head all day long; I can guarantee it. It's got that sort of futuristic theme to it, with lots of synth and such. From the opening line "Faster than a bullet train, she's like bang bang," to the final beats, 3OH!3 practically commands you to get out of your chair. Both band members, Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte are famous for their one-two punch lyrics and crazilly catchy beats. I read last week that the song was "originally commissioned by Ball Aerospace here in Boulder, Colo., as the only song to keep scientists awake while working in zero-G on Hubble Space Telescope repairs." (Source)
Yeah, if I was a scientist, this song would def keep me awake. Check out the track and enjoy!

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